Father’s Day can be a tough one for community managers. Often outshined by Mother’s Day, dads tend get the short shrift, not only with gifts (hello, novelty ties) but creative marketing concepts as well, with brands pushing out elaborate sweepstakes, interactive videos, and increasingly flashy content in celebration of moms but offering nary a peep for dad. Luckily, it’s easy to break free from campaigns as lackluster as a pair of golf socks and create eye-catching, engaging Father’s Day content. Here are some campaigns to show you how:


Father's Day 1

#DadJokes—within the past few years, these pun-filled quips have become as quintessentially “dad” as Dockers pants and giving advice in the form of idioms. Though they may not be successful at making you laugh, dad jokes seem to be a pretty effective form of marketing, as proved by appliance company HH Gregg’s Jokes From Dad campaign. Using the hashtag #JokesFromDad, HH Gregg asked fans to share their favorite dad jokes, with the best submissions being acted out by cute kids in oversized suits and ties. The video prompted viewers to visit hhgreg.com/dad, where they could then Tweet out pre-selected dad jokes from their own Twitter handles.


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